After-School Programme

Creative Hive art classes nurture imaginations and encourage curiosity. We create a welcoming and stimulating environment in which creativity can thrive and be celebrated.

Within our after-school programme, students will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with an exciting range of materials and techniques, whilst developing core art skills across sequential, themed lessons. Tasks are challenging and fun and encourage students to explore and question the world around them, use their imaginations and knowledge to problem-solve and communicate their ideas.

Creative Hive is passionate about the benefits and value of art and creativity. We fully understand why creativity has been identified as a vital 21st century skill, integral for lifelong learning and well-being. The arts are no longer ornamental, they are fundamental and as such, are included in the STEAM* approach to learning, which we support.

It’s our aim that all students enjoy the process of discovering new things, that they develop both practical art skills and invaluable creative thinking abilities, whilst producing work that they are proud of sharing.

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Creative Hive After-School Programme Key Points:

Develops artistic skill

Builds vital creative thinking skills

Supports STEAM* learning

Celebrates the arts and its value

*STEAM: A development from the STEM learning initiative, in which the addition of the ‘A’ (Arts) sees a richer, more meaningful and more engaging learning experience, driving innovation and growth. Inquiry, collaboration and an emphasis on process-based learning are at the heart of the STEAM learning approach.(STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.)

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We also offer

Home Art Classes

Creative Hive can bring our outstanding teaching and art experiences to your home. We offer a range of different services in this area, including one-to-one tuition, exam preparation, scholarship mentoring, portfolio preparation, and support for both further education applications and interviews.

One of the benefits of one-to-one home art tuition is that an individual learning plan can be developed to suits the needs, abilities and ambitions of each student.

We have an excellent track record of helping students achieve their goals, whether that be attaining top grades at GCSE and A Level, or gaining a place at a much coveted first choice university.