Professional Development

Inspire and engage those in your workplace. Discover and develop creative approaches and see the benefits light up before you.

When you think creatively, you create opportunities all around you. Creative thinkers question and have an innate sense of curiosity and exploration, visualising and imagining possibilities beyond borders and preconceptions. In addition, creative thinkers have a fantastic ability to make connections, problem solve and to realise new ideas. Creative employees are invaluable to a workplace.

Creative Hive are passionate about nurturing creative thinking in everyone. We believe that it is an essential skill that is within us all and that can be developed, which is why we offer a range of accessible and enjoyable professional development opportunities.

Schools: Staff Professional Development

We are outstanding teaching practitioners, who provide bespoke in-house CPD, specialising in art and creativity. Whether you need us to work with individuals, small groups or the whole staff body, we provide stimulating sessions to inspire a range of creative approaches in teaching and learning.

Some of our previous workshops include:

  • Creative use of the sketchbook.

  • Creative stimulus for engaging teaching and learning.

  • Digital Media to enhance creative development.

  • Art and Creativity across the curriculum.

Let us know what you need and how we can help.

See our Schools Outreach page to bring an enriching creative experience to the students in your school.

Creative Team Building Sessions

Collaborative, social experiences are at the heart of creativity. Creative Hive have a range of interactive, problem solving activities, which encourage individuals to work together in teams. Promoting creative thinking and building working relationships.

Corporate training: Creative Thinking for Positive Progression

We plan and deliver creative activities to stimulate new ways of thinking. At Creative Hive we are firm believers that when you think creatively, you create opportunities all around you. Create an environment in which creativity thrives and see your business flourish.

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